• Adam Cook

Life is an adventure...

Life is one great adventure, whether you believe it or not.

In the last two years, I've moved from my home state of Vermont to the city of Columbus, Ohio, where I only knew one person. For the most part, my family is all back in Vermont. Only one of them knows I'm writing a book. None of them know about this website or blog. And I think the whole reason behind this is that I have a deep, deep fear of failure. Don't get me wrong, a fear of failure can be healthy, but I don't want to appear like a failure to my family. You see, I've been trying to write this book for about six years now. So far? It hasn't happened. I'm in a job that isn't fulfilling to my soul, but makes money. And before you ask, no, I haven't quit my day job to pursue this great career of writing. I still need to eat. So, here I am. I'm writing this mystery story that I hope reads like a classic mystery story. More Agatha Christie, less James Patterson. (I love James Patterson. There's nothing wrong with his books. Please don't come for me.) And the truth is, I often wonder if I'm doomed to chalk this up to another fruitless endeavor of mine that turns out to be absolutely nothing that goes anywhere. Maybe the genre isn't what's hot right now. Maybe the market for 'cozy mysteries' is closed. Maybe, just maybe, my book will sit as a manuscript that taunts me from my flash drive. But you know what? Maybe not. Maybe I've got a chance at making it to print. Writing is very much a marathon, not a sprint. And this time, I'm in it to get to the end. My blog will come out once a week, and I don't want to promise you what it's going to be about. I may talk about my writing process. I may talk about my daily life. I'm not quite sure yet, but as I said, life is an adventure and mine is no exception. I hope I can share that adventure with you. Much love, AJC

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